The American in London – Part 3- When I see you again…

So, now we are here where I get to explain the person, that for the first 6 months being here was just exhausting and costly. But at the very end something good came that it didn’t come from a gift or from nothing extraordinary. It came from the heart…..

But before we get into this I have to rewind a bit I forgot one last thing in the last part, which I think I should have mention, because this came from the dark times as well. So durin the first couple of months being here that feeling of alone caught up to me to the point, I didn’t leave my room to even socialise with housemates. I just stayed in my room curled and ate sausage and bread in my, nothing more. It was a dark time I will admit, I would be lying if it wasn’t. Someone might be thinking that’s not a big deal, well to that someone remember when I got here, I had no one here , I didn’t know anyone. To be honest I was homesick already I missed my home back in Miami everything my cats and my family and friends, it wasn’t easy but then again no said it was gonna be easy. So now to regular schedule post.

So, I guess to say the least I was a bit nervous to making contact with her, because I didn’t really her know her that well and also I only here know her mutually by someone else back home. So, I guess the only thing I could say was “hi” and “how are you doing?”. So we are chatting in the mean time about something, anything really. I mean it was odd on both ends I mean we never met before. So we finally agree we should meet each other, I mean if your gonna have one friend in London you should make the attempt to meet correct. So we decided to meet one Friday evening, in the central along the river by Big Ben and we talked about each other because we didn’t know anything about each other just the mutual friend, as the night carried we continued to talk and such and then we separated our way. Then began the roller coaster. That same evening, she messaged me and told me that she missed the mutual person and the fact that he was someone ( *mind you I didn’t know they were something before hand)  so as we continued to talk, it lead her to come out and say…she was going to kill herself and she was dead serious. Naturally I managed to convince her not to do it. 

So began the wild ride with her, (I would like to state nothing happen between me and her. Just wanted to make that clear.) from that point on I spent it running after her. I am being serious here I was literally running after her, after the Eminem concert she couldn’t stand the fact of being alone that night, next thing I know right after the concert I am at her place, crashed on the bed and then I heard she was throwing up and I cleaned it up and helped her to the restroom to get her self together and clean. There was another time when after a work function she called me ( she was drunk, like she was gone she named her x) and I had plans that night originally but she needed my help so I went I a wild goose chase trying to find her in the capital, now I finally understand the phrase looking for a needle in a haystack, because that’s what it was trying to find her. Of course I didn’t find, I mean I tired to keep in contact with her while I was looking for her, but nope. So I tried  that iPhone Lost thing nope didn’t work.(*mind you I was trying to remember all she told me about the event)  There was a point when I wanted to give up and just head home, but then I thought okay mhm well I am going to her place and wait for her to get home and so I did eventually she came home drunk but she was okay safe and sound.thats how my first to 8 months here spent it running.

After the trouble times, one afternoon she had an idea I guess one can say, I was but of the influence on this one. She thought it would be great to travel around Asia for a good couple of years (2-3). She at first wasn’t so fond of the idea but with a little help and convincing I got her going. After what she was going through, I felt she needed the trip more then anything. So then, it started the saving for the big trip she moved back home to her parents and she did just that watched every penny to make this trip a reality. She did ask me to come along, God knows I am always for an adventure. But I told her this is my adventure here in London, this is the beginning for me. 

Remember when I told you,  something great came at the end. Well despite the first  8 months of me running around and keeping her safe and grounded and putting on the bat suite every now and then. When she finally took flight and landed in India at her first leg of her journey, she texted me this…


As for now we still keep in contact,barely but still in communication. As for what happens next for her  I don’t know,  but where ever she is in the world. She will find what she is looking for Happyness.


The American in London Part 2- why do we fall?

So I hope I still have your attention and those grammar nazi are still with me. I didn’t lose you just yet and yet again I do apologise again. 

Better yet lets continue where I left off from the last part, so June 3rd I took flight to London my new home. I am not gonna lie I was quite terrified and nervous for what this adventure lies ahead of him. Just like Bilbo Baggins once said ” it’s dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” When I first got here to London, I met up with my uncle who took me to my new home and showed me my room and let me tell you as I look around writing this right now my room is very small I like to think to think it’s Harry Potters under the cupboard very tight space. Okay maybe I am being a bit dramatic, it’s not that small but it is small. Here is where things get a bit dark…

So after my uncle left,  I unpacked and then after words almost immediately I felt alone in the world. I looked out my window and realised I am here alone in this big city. I had these thoughts for the first couple of days getting here, but I tried my best to avoid these thought and just thought okay I need to keep my mind busy. So I went out got some food and then my uncle called me and told me tomorrow I will come with him and he will show me the new job. (* I know this is boring I am getting to the point hang on there) so the manager tells me I need to go get some documents for the Job and blah blah. So the next day I set out to find this place, little did I know then I could get a bus not walk which would have helped to know because then what would have happen next could be avoided. So I walked over to this place to get the documents, and mind you it was pouring rain and it was cold rain not like back home how we have the warm rain. This rain here is cold, so anywho I was walking and next thing I knew I tripped badly, I ended up messing up my knee really badly, like it was hard to move it and much less walk on it. But while I was on the floor in pain, people walked passed me and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that was on  the floor in very bad pain. So that’s when I thought I could either lay on the floor or get right back up and finish what I set out to, got to the place in pain and then told then why I was there and they gave me a paper call this number and they will set an appointment up for you. So even in pain, I told my self I came all this way and I not about to let this pain stop me so I did the call and headed home. And that’s what I did I got right back up and headed home. I have never been such bad pain before it was really bad, getting home was very slow and painful process that I kept telling myself everything will be okay. I got home eventually, in pain and getting up the stairs you have no idea how difficult it was. Mind you I couldn’t see a doctor or anything so this was matter I had to deal with on my own. For the record state over time it did get better or a month time of seeing no doctor or taking anything special just wrapping in a cold towel to keep the swelling down.

So this where I leave you all tonight with this, for what next chapter part 3 will come where I will come to meet the person the person that I will have to save and remind myself who i am.


The American In London Part 1 – The beginning of everything

The American In London Part 1 – The beginning of everythingSo where do I begin, I mean I don’t even know if I am doing this right. But as I have come to lately say in Life “why not”. So I figured if I am going to to do this right I am going to tell it like it is. (“* and yes there might be some grammar problems along the way, so you grammar nazi, just hang in there). I will do this story like most things like this it will be done in parts. So here we go…
So let’s start this from the beginning back home in Miami, where I grew up. I know most of you might be thinking why the hell would you leave Miami, of all places and move to place where it rains and it’s just cold most of the year. Well, here is my answer to that question and the beginning of my story… So back home, I was in school and working like most people my age nothing out of the ordinary. Until one day everything changed, I was in my room getting to go to work, when my mom comes in and ask would you like to work in London, with your uncle in a security company they are looking for new people. So I told my mom I will have a think about it and get back to you. *(I know, I know you are thinking what the hell I would say yes in heartbeat, now easier then done considering everything I had a good life back at home, good friends, good family, new car and decent job like all is right with the world.) So later on that day my mom pops up at my work she pulls me onto the side, so have you thought about it to to move to London then she begins with the reasons why to leave ( better pay, better life and etc). So right then and there I told I will do it why not. Now at the moment I couldn’t tell anyone, what was going I wanted to build momentum. But as we all know that didn’t last long till I started telling. I mean I am sure I am not the only one who would. At the moment I thought thinking everything is about change. Ohh it did in ways that one can’t imagine for what was to come the next few weeks and days and months (* but I will fast forward events so don’t worry)
So I guess, this was odd event that would change everything believe it or not (* all will be explained). So after work, like most nights right across from were I work there is bar right across that me and my work mates like to go to after work and have a few drinks after the shift. So as I coming across there is man and this girlfriend that happen to own a German Shepard *( I had one growing up, she died of lung cancer) so I go up the owners and tell them there dog is beautiful and I used to have one. They go thank you and comes and join use for a drink. Sure why not, so we start talking and I tell them that I am moving to London, and etc and I told him that I won’t know anyone there which worries me a bit(*FYI: I am just fast forwarding this convo between them because this took months till I got to this point to tell them about London and the alone factor.) Honestly, it did worry me a bit. I mean wouldn’t you?
So the guy goes I will introduce you to someone, so that way you know someone over there and she can show you around. (* little did I know i was going to need to save her life a few times here in London) So, he gives me her number and she gets mine and we start talking via whatsapp so we start to know each other a bit. So I thought at the moment alright well at least I will know someone there, who can show me he city and how the city works it. So that part settled now.
Remember like I said I am just fast wording events, so hang in there now comes a bit of a not so happy part to the beginning. So it has come to the point where in a few weeks I am going to London, but first I need to break the news to my dad (FYI: I don’t speak to my dad anymore, he is done with my life. He is straight up asshole and other words I would like add but I won’t any further question about my dad please feel free to ask me. I don’t mind at all). So I thought I will get everyone on my dad side together to break the news, so once everyone got there and such I broke the news and told them my plan. You can imagine most people were supportive of the idea, and what’s I was about to do. While the one person who I needed the support didn’t give me the support, he ended up just making me feel like shit ” you will be back in Miami in 6 months, you won’t make it out there and blah blah” at that moment I just wanted to leave, I remember on the drive home I was crying. Like I was just in disbelief of what just happen, like my own father didn’t have faith in his own son and just making me feel like shit. Even right now it’s hard to write about what happen that night. But from that night on everything changed…