The American in London – Part 7 – Thats it…

I think for now my writing bits will come to an end, I mean i have voiced what I could and well thats it…


Just for now just like the genie I will appear again, but for now my friends and strangers who may have come across this, its a pleasure to meet you as anyone who has read this will tell you there will be plenty of grammar mistakes going on, so if you are grammar nazi, well hang on. if you have managed to read all the other entries without throwing your computer or your phone out the window and into the streets then good on you and if you have well… , Anyways lets get this last one going shall we…


Well, not gonna lie I actually forgot about this entry… ohh well better later then never to continue this one, but I will make this one out as open letter because I feel like that it works.

You know its interesting actually, way life works, we start the day fresh, there is no wrong doing unless you managed to burn your breakfast or didn’t check the date of your milk carton that is sitting in your fridge, yea you know who you are… but from the moment you walk out your door the day begins, where every choice you make that day changes your future, have you ever thought to think of that just for second from the simple of choice of which way to get to work, or school or when you will get to these locations that you are heading, because within that time anything can happen and change your future, but within  those changes we need a little courage and little faith to make those choices and hope that they work out in the end and if not to remember to have the courage to rise and start again. you break and you heal and you forgive and you forget and then your heart comes back even stronger than before. because fear can play tricks on us, making us afraid to change course, afraid to move on, but usually hidden behind our fears are second chances waiting to be seized.  Second chances at life…at glory…family…and even at love. And these opportunities don’t come around every day. So when they do, we have to be brave, take a chance and grab them while we can. I mean after all we all deserve to be happy and listen here you don’t have to have your guard up all the time. sometimes its okay to be vulnerable, honestly its okay to break a little to spring from the depth of your own wounds to bloom and to grow from all the things that hurt you along the way, I mean they’re scars for a reason, they don’t hurt anymore  but they’re there to remind you all the things you lived through. the moments that almost killed you are the ones that made you who you are, and made you strong. and I know how broken you are, and how at times you feel like you are carrying the world on your shoulders, but still you have to find the strength and the light in you to move forward and you have to hold on to it with care and never let it go, even if it drags you to the end of of the world, just always remember even when you are showing  your vulnerable, i will tell you this you are not weak and with a heart like that you deserve the world and show much more. You deserve rare people, I am talking about the ones that look into your eyes and discover your soul, who see you for who you truly are, the one that makes you feel comfortable around the ones that you can tell anything to and won’t judge you for who you are…


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