The American in London Part 2- why do we fall?

So I hope I still have your attention and those grammar nazi are still with me. I didn’t lose you just yet and yet again I do apologise again. 

Better yet lets continue where I left off from the last part, so June 3rd I took flight to London my new home. I am not gonna lie I was quite terrified and nervous for what this adventure lies ahead of him. Just like Bilbo Baggins once said ” it’s dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” When I first got here to London, I met up with my uncle who took me to my new home and showed me my room and let me tell you as I look around writing this right now my room is very small I like to think to think it’s Harry Potters under the cupboard very tight space. Okay maybe I am being a bit dramatic, it’s not that small but it is small. Here is where things get a bit dark…

So after my uncle left,  I unpacked and then after words almost immediately I felt alone in the world. I looked out my window and realised I am here alone in this big city. I had these thoughts for the first couple of days getting here, but I tried my best to avoid these thought and just thought okay I need to keep my mind busy. So I went out got some food and then my uncle called me and told me tomorrow I will come with him and he will show me the new job. (* I know this is boring I am getting to the point hang on there) so the manager tells me I need to go get some documents for the Job and blah blah. So the next day I set out to find this place, little did I know then I could get a bus not walk which would have helped to know because then what would have happen next could be avoided. So I walked over to this place to get the documents, and mind you it was pouring rain and it was cold rain not like back home how we have the warm rain. This rain here is cold, so anywho I was walking and next thing I knew I tripped badly, I ended up messing up my knee really badly, like it was hard to move it and much less walk on it. But while I was on the floor in pain, people walked passed me and didn’t even acknowledge the fact that was on  the floor in very bad pain. So that’s when I thought I could either lay on the floor or get right back up and finish what I set out to, got to the place in pain and then told then why I was there and they gave me a paper call this number and they will set an appointment up for you. So even in pain, I told my self I came all this way and I not about to let this pain stop me so I did the call and headed home. And that’s what I did I got right back up and headed home. I have never been such bad pain before it was really bad, getting home was very slow and painful process that I kept telling myself everything will be okay. I got home eventually, in pain and getting up the stairs you have no idea how difficult it was. Mind you I couldn’t see a doctor or anything so this was matter I had to deal with on my own. For the record state over time it did get better or a month time of seeing no doctor or taking anything special just wrapping in a cold towel to keep the swelling down.

So this where I leave you all tonight with this, for what next chapter part 3 will come where I will come to meet the person the person that I will have to save and remind myself who i am.



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